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‘Fashion’ at FSC

is the new challenge at Fashionable Stamping Challenges.
Remember, stamping must be the focal point of your creation…and then just follow the theme and you are win with a chance of winning!
With Fashion comes a little attitude…
(as it should)
 which you need to carry off the style.
And these girls from Darkroom Door sure have loads of style and attitude!
They are from the set, 
‘Just my Style’.
Goodness, to have their figures would be awesome!
(dream on Dot)

Each time I looked at these lovely ladies I thought that they looked so classy and stylish – so the background needed a richness and attitude to match.

Then came the girls…
when I went to add colour to them I was stuck!
In the end I decided to stay with white and I water-coloured a little DI black soot 
(very watered down to create a soft grey) 
– to take off the starkness.
And a little copic magic for the skin tones.
 To finish off I simply added a touch of sparkle to each gal 
(the necklace, the hat and buttons, and on the belt and bow) 
and on some of the diamonds.
The girls at FSC have come up with some inspiring and very different versions on the theme this time.
Please pop on over and check out the awesomeness of the fashionettes,
 be inspired and maybe join in the fun.
Flonzcraft are our sponsors this fortnight and have a generous $20 gift voucher up for grabs,

“Hanging Five”

“Hanging Five”
is the name of a very well-known song 
sung by the Delltones, which is just one of those summer classics.
It is only the start of winter here, but that is when some of the best waves happen isn’t it?  
And when the shortest day happens next week, we are officially on the way to summer…well, in my mind anyway lol.
Those who know me well, know that I’m an optimist 🙂
This beautiful stamp is from Darkroom Door.
The background is done in alcohol ink, and looks amazingly like there is a sunset happening!  That was accidental, but it looks cool anyway.
Three of the surfboards are done in alcohol inks using a different style to give a marbled effect, cut out and added onto the card with magic mount for depth.
5 surfboards, so hence the title of this blog post…lol
I would like to enter this into the following challenges ~

“Splatter Fun”

Just Having a Bit of Fun
Sometimes we get so busy trying new things, and different techniques, that we don’t really know what it is that we actually love to do…
I have never really known what my style is, but I am just starting to
 discover what I love to do…and embrace it.
Ripping paper for a mask is one of the the things that I always love to play around with.
This card is one that I made just for fun.
The Darkroom Door stamp is so versatile and so pretty…
but I was in the mood for grunging it up a little,
so I splattered some ink and added the butterflies.
(Splattering ink is another thing that I’ve discovered that I love to do…and dripping it)
A little bleach on the words (yep…another fun thing) to bring in the white…
and some purple on the white to balance it all.
The red I thought would be a nice contrast, and it is just some barn door DI
water coloured onto the image.
Just for fun I submitted this to the Craft Stamper
and was so surprised when they wanted to feature it 
in the “Over To You” section!
For fun I would like to enter the following challenges ~

For Julia…with thanks!

A couple of weeks ago I went to a political afternoon at a friend’s house…
to meet the new local representative for Labor
as a lead up to an election that will take place later this year.
I don’t want to bore you with politics, however a little background is necessary.
In a nutshell……..3 days prior to this function, our PM (Julia),
 representing the Labor Party in Australia,
called an internal caucus meeting to decide on the party’s leader, and to end internal bickering.
The deal was that whoever lost was to leave politics.
So, as a result, Julia is no longer leading our country…and is leaving altogether.
On arriving at the function I was asked if I would design and make a card that would show our gratitude for all that she accomplished during her time as PM.
As a way of saying “thankyou”
So I said yes! Ok! It would be my honour!
Then I panicked!
Got excited…
Got scared…

I skyped Shirley in Ireland…swore heaps and said what do I do???
Her advice was to make a list of words to describe her and go from there.
And that is exactly what I did.
The common thread was her passion
~ so hearts represent the passion.
Pioneering leadership for women and copping so much flack on a sexist basis
~ that is the woman, representing suffragettes.
Her femininity
~ that is the pink and burgundy.
Her love for Australia
~ is the flowering gums
Her strength of character and nerves of steal
~ are the diamonds.
And I have left an opening to the right
~ which represents a passageway to whatever future she chooses to have.

The main stamps are from Australian companies
~ Darkroom Door for the words 
~  flowering gums from Kaszazz
~ and the lady is from Crafty Individuals 
(because Julia was born in Wales I think something from the UK is quite fitting)

 All the flowering gums are cut out and raised to add movement and life to the leaves.
The lady has been coloured with DI’s which were tinted with copper Perfect Pearls Mist, instead of water, and painted on.
Bleach was added around the flourishes for depth.
The diamonds are from the harlequin mask and I have used grunge paste and then coloured it.
 And a little glitz and glamour to finish it off.

I hope I haven’t bored you too much,

but because this card was a specific brief I thought I would explain my thinking during the process.
I really did enjoy making this card
and I am very satisfied within myself for how it has turned out.

Ripping up the Music!

Play Me A Song
This is another card for my teenage collection
and this one has the seal of approval because
my 16 year old son loooves it…lol
This is a one layer card.
The main stamp is the Guitar stamp from Darkroom Door 
and the music is from Hot Off The Press.
The techniques used are through ripping a stencil 
and adding a little bleach to tone down the reds and oranges
and to maybe help the bold centre blend with the music more.
I would like to enter this card into the following challenges…