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“It’s a Man Thing”

“It’s A Man Thing”
is the new theme at Vintage Stamping Challenges 
this month.
There are so many possibilities with this one…you could make a valentine’s
card to your man, go sporty, cars, wild west or anything with a man in it would be fine.
When I saw this stamp set here I knew just what I was going to do.
I think I used nearly every man in the set…but it was heaps of fun.
The colours I have kept with shaded bluey/greys…
everything I tried just didn’t seem to look right. But I do like how the colours have come out.
Lots of masking, a little stenciling, some cracked UTEE, a little gold and of course
some hearts (because I love men!)
I think sometimes you just need to keep things simple so that the stamps can shine.
I hope you take the time to pop over to Vintage Stamping Challenges
and check out the amazing talent and ideas from the team.
 Flonzcraft is offering a generous $20 gift voucher to the winner,
he offers an occassional spot prize
and there is always a top 3!

Tag It!

“Tag It”
Is the theme this fortnight at
We invite you to join in the fun and see what you can make with a tag…or two…
Some of you might know that I have only ever made a tag 
when I am asked to for the challenges…up to three now!
I don’t know why I struggle with it at the time
but end up enjoying the whole process.
I’ve been on holidays from my main work
 (but filling in at a second job) for the last month or so,
tutoring and whaleboat training for the championships coming up in a few weeks time…
oh, and a little freelance designing and another card has been accepted by 
The Craft Stamper (2 submissions and 2 publications. – that just blows me away!)
But nowhere near enough play time with inks!!!
I have used a tag base from Darkroom Door
which measures around 6 1/4″ x 3 1/4″.
I am still trying to come to grips with layering up my work,
as I really like to do the one layer type of card.
But I have been taking part in the
Creative Jumpstart 2014 program
for January and have found some really inspirational ideas and techniques.
I highly recommend having some fun with the on-line classes out there
~ especially when distance is such a problem ( like for me.)
This tag is based on 
It was something new to try (for me anyway).
It involves a lot masking tape, ink and layers…perfect for this challenge!
Back to work (main job) on Tuesday so maybe I can get into more of a routine.
The girls at FSC have come up with some inspiring and very different versions on the theme this time.
Please pop on over and check out the awesomeness of the fashionettes,
 be inspired and maybe join in the fun.
Flonzcraft are our sponsors this fortnight and have a generous $20 gift voucher up for grabs,
there are spotlights and a top 3 as well.

My baby is 16!

It’s Show Us Something New
at Fashionable Stamping Challenges.

This could be anything new in your crafty stash
~  It could be a new to you technique, new paper, ink, images… you get the picture!
Well, this wasn’t difficult because most challenge pieces I do have something new in them!
…there is just soooo much to learn.

Many years ago I use to make cards (cut-outs and stick-ons)…at classes.
Then gave up…I didn’t last very long lol.
About 2 1/2 years ago I decided to start up again, just on my own,
~ I discovered ranger inks, blogging and online friendships,
and started exploring my own creativity.

For this challenge I have had
 some inspiration from Hels Sherridan and the buzz around blogland with UTEE,
 some technical advice from Rachael Greig
and encouragement from our illustrious leader Shirley…
And then had a little fun!
ok – LOTS of fun!!!

My baby boy turned 16 last week…
My son, Scott, has been playing guitar since he was 8
and is so talented and quick with his fingers.
He plays his heavy stuff ~ then indulges me in what I like to hear.
I love him for that.

I survived his 16th birthday sleepover by going out for tea with friends
~ and had a nice bottle of wine.
The boys at the sleepover…well, they will all recover in time! lol
Happy Birthday Scott!
This is my first go at stamping into UTEE…
Ummmm, it was not as easy as I thought it would be.
I have mixed the gold UTEE with some clear
and what this seems to do is to thin the molten mix out a little.
I found that gold on its own seemed thick.

Some tips are ~ it is easy to cut while still a little warm…
and if not, just re-heat it up with a heat gun carefully
and then cut (it worked for me).
It is very brittle when cooled!
~   Keep the stamp simple in it’s lines
(I tried the guitar stamp first and it didn’t really work )
~  And allow yourself plenty of time so that you can play heaps!!!!
The main stamp is “guitar” from Darkroom Door,
the image stamped with archival black ink
and the background is with alcohol inks.

Flonz has a generous $20 voucher for the winner

along with the stampettes top pics, Saturday spotlights 
and the occasional guest designer who plays along with us. FSC is a busy place to be!

Please pop over to FSC and check out the awesomeness of the stampettes!!!!
They are amazingly creative people with some wonderful ideas.

p.s…..he loved his birthdy card!