Month: November 2012

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home At FSC this fortnight we are celebrating the “Home” This can be any home you like, from under the sea, to bird houses, to animal habitats, to lighthouses guiding ships, to even an actual house! The...

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Let it Snow!

Let It Snow… I have made another simple little Christmas card to share. I decided to keep everything simple this year,  so that if I wanted to make a few then I could without too much fuss. This one is inspired by...

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Farewell to a dear friend

Today we said farewell to a dear friend,  Manya Dickinson. I just want to say thanks for your friendship, cuppas and chats. A funny rowing buddy – a little on the naughty side and heaps of fun! And a lady through and...

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Sassy Santa Wishlist

Now Wouldn’t This Be Nice…. It’s good to be a little sassy sometimes!!! No matter how old you are…it is always good to smile. I wonder if she remembers what to do with a list like this one! lol I had to...

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A Christmas Wish

It’s Music at FSC! Come join in the fun, and create something based around music… the interpretation is up to you – from a song, to a dance, to instruments. I have chosen a christmas theme for my...

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Free Card Making Tutorial

Click HERE to see a lovely card tutorial using the Bokeh technique.

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