Fun with Gelato’s

I’ve been busy skyping Shirley again!  I think I am enjoying the ’empty nesting’ far too much…
During the Summer holiday’s a friend gave me some gelato’s as a gift and no matter what I tried I couldn’t get them to work in the same way that you see in blogland.
But, last night, I had a play with them and Shirley was kind enough to explain how much fun they can be.
I’m hooked!!!
Now please don’t be too critical.  This is my first attempt.
I could’ve gone on and on mixing the colours, it is very addictive and so much fun.
I NEED MORE!!! (I only have 10 colours)
The card took me all of 15 mins to make, and I think that is about the quickest card I have ever made.  Ever.
Thanks Shirley for introducing me to something new (that in itself is always exciting).
And thank you Kathy for treating me to them in the first place.
The stamps on this card are from Finnibair.