It’s Raining Men

I was browsing through fb this morning and came across a link  
to a blog exploring Mixed Media called “Contadinak“.
I watched the video and it showed how you can use a heat gun in your artwork.
(along with heaps of other gorgeous techniques too)
Well…I got thinking…
I should be able to adapt that aspect to a card.
What I did had nothing to do with the video
(which I highly recommend!)
but it reminded me of how we can use techniques, take bits and pieces
 and change them to suit our own styles.
I loved the effect of using the heat gun, 
so I will give you a step x step tutorial on how I made this card.
1.  Cut a piece of glossy cardstock (14.5cm x 10cm). Use Alcohol Inks following Tim Holtz’s mono-print technique from CC102.  I used a squiggle of Copper mixative with Rust, Butterscotch and a couple of drops of Caramel AI. This dries within seconds.
2.  Drop 3 or 4 drops of blending solution into the center of the cardstock. Let it spread. This creates a spotlight effect. 
3.  Stamp the boys (from the “Friends 2” stampset by Art Journey) in the center of the card. Then stamp again each side of this to form a row of men.
4.  Cut out 3 masks of this image and place over your stamped images.
5.  Flick white acrylic paint over the background. I found that by picking it up on a medium sized brush and tapping it firmly onto the back of my hand worked fine.  This part of the process was quite messy, so allow plenty of room and use newspaper under your card.  Flick Mocha Mouse and Pumpkin Soup Fresco Finish acrylic paint until you are satisfied with the effect. I also flicked the bristles with my finger for a finer splatter effect.
6.  Using a heat gun, holding it close to your card, and in a continuous motion, randomly apply the glue along the top of your card. Start at one side of your card and work your way right across to the other side. You can move it backwards and forwards as you go to create more interest. Then turn your card around and repeat along the bottom.
7.  To finish the card I squirted some Rust AI onto a piece of felt (just folding it over, there is no need for a blending tool) and in a dabbing motion apply some colour along the top edge, using the glue as a boundary. I rubbed the glue carefully with this colour to make it stand out more.  Dab the colour in this area as much as you like as it created a mottled effect which looks great.
8.  Mat onto some black cardstock.