Trying Something New
Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a Scrap class 
with the uber-talented Fiona Paltridge 
Lots of ink, knowledge, laughter…and food!
We did a workshop on a class that she was invited to do
 at the recent Brisbane Craft Fair in Australia.
I was definitely outside my comfort zone, being a card maker and working on spaces only a quarter the size of a scrap book page, but I learnt so much. Yep – I can now do a drip!!!
So I thought I would share what I made…

That’s my son Jake ( a lot younger) who had no idea what I was up to.
You should have seen his face, his eyes lit up when he saw it and he loved it!  Phew!!!
I love a challenge! (understatement) And this was definitely outside my comfort zone.
And I had the best time ever!!!