“Playing Around”
Male cards are sometimes a little tricky.
My boys’ asked if I would make a birthday card for their dad.
I don’t know about you, but going from feminine to male is like you need to flick a switch in your head and do a complete ‘about-turn’, mentally. 
Everything on this card is new. 
The background is playing with Bister, and the stamps are…well…don’t we all just get new stamps?
What is the first thing that you do when your Bister arrives?
PLAY…(of course).
I have seen so many amazing cards made using Bister and could not resist getting some in.
This card is using the Mahogany colour and is on shiny cardstock.
Using it on shiny card is my favourite way to use these powdered paints and the colour is so vibrant…
The thing for me to embrace with Bister is that
‘Less is More”
It really does go a long way…and I found that some really nice effects can come from using just a little of it.
You just need to have heaps of cardstock and time to play!
I have used a little bleach to some of the splotchy areas to help the spots stand out more.