And so the postie has arrived with a 
HUGE parcel!!!
What have I ordered from overseas that is that big???
My son says, with raised eyebrows…”.it’s Royal Mail mum, 
so it must be important…”
Then I see Brenda from Bumblebee’s and Butterfly’s name on the package!
ahhhh!!! It is the Secret Santa swap at FSC!!!!

Joanna came up with a playful idea of using our “Surprise Us” challenge
 as a Secret Santa swap amongst the fashionettes…
to make it even more of a surprise!

I was laughing as I opened my parcel because Brenda was the one I had posted mine to.
You’ll see the instructions on how this wonderful shadow box was created here.
It took like 5 seconds to find a place to hang it…
and I still keep just looking at it. It is amazing in real life.

There is soooo much attention to detail in this shadow box
from the back to the outside of the box!

This is the front corner detail of the shadow box.

The frame is sooo silky smooth!

Brenda, you have inspired me yet again ~ already I have some paints ordered,
I am on the lookout for bits and pieces (and a shadow box!).
 I have one of my pieces in being framed and I’ll be using one of Brenda’s ideas in the final assembly before the glass goes on…
but I will show you that in another post when it is all done –
it is all so exciting!
 So funny and totally wonderful where you get inspiration from isn’t it!

And this is the gorgeous card that was sent along with the Secret Santa.
Thankyou so much Brenda for all your effort!

I hope you also enjoyed your Secret Santa :)))