Hello everyone.
Today is a very special day as we are launching a new
stamp range at Ink Art Designs.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I introduce …


Stampscapes is a beautiful range of scenery stamps
from the US that was originally started in 1993 by
Kevin Nakagawa, the owner and designer of these
intricately designed stamps.

In Kevin’s words …
“Combine┬áthem to style seamless scenes of cascading waterfalls, intimate quiet pools of crystal clear water, breathtaking panoramic views, valley floors where the lupine and poppy grow wild, pristine lakes where the fish are practically jumping to be caught, and sumptuous sunsets in golden hues.”

Here is a little sample of some of the Stampscapes stamps that
are now available in Australia through Ink Art Designs.

And here is a sample of some of the wonderful scenes that you can create
using these stamps.

They really are gorgeous stamps!

You can see these stamps at Ink Art Designs here.

Wishing everyone a crafty day.
Dot x